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Nuu-da’, “our language,” or “our mouth,” is a term that describes the many dialects of southwest Oregon Dv-ne. Nuu-da’ Mv-ne’ is a digital archive which aims to assemble all publicly available primary Nuu-da’ language sources, including Chetco, Upper Coquille, Tututni, Chasta Costa, Galice, Applegate, Tolowa and others, into one location in order to facilitate further research and support ongoing language revitalization efforts. Nuu-da’ Mv-ne’ means “our language’s house.” It is intended to serve as a place for language materials to live safely, and as an easy point of access for community members involved in language revitalization. This digital archive is being updated continually; please be aware that our project team is doing our best to update material on an ongoing basis, and that mistakes are inevitable in this work.